Vendor Spotlight: Monkey Shynes & Atomic Doll

This year’s GRUMP has twice as many vendors at previous years, which means there will be many new faces at the show. Monkey Shynes & Atomic Doll are two of those new faces!

Monkey Shynes
Reverend Valentine is a D.C. based burlesque performer who is also a pretty crafty little monkey! When she isn’t performing, hanging out with her rescued pets or teaching art she is locked away creating magical pieces to be worn and adored. She is an avid collector of strange ephemera, odd items and beautifully mundane forgotten items. Her husband strongly recommended that she begin “doing something” with all of this “stuff” because her strange collections were growing and needed to be re-homed. Thus began her journey of sewing things to other things, gluing this to that and soldering what-nots to widgets. Reverend Valentine is much like the Dr. Moreau of chotchkies.

Each piece is one of a kind, never to be repeated….she couldn’t if she tried. So if something catches your eye or calls out to you like a siren from the sea, then GRAB IT, because you may never see it again. Her mind is a constant whirling of ideas, so check back often because she is always in her crafty laboratory bringing something new to life.


Atomic Doll
Atomic Doll Jewelry is a one woman operation, tirelessly run by sideshow performer and weird news journalist Alex Doll.  Each piece is hand cast in resin, hand painted and stained and then placed in a unique setting.  These can be made to order with various settings available.  From rings, to necklaces, to earrings and pins Atomic Doll has everything to suit your abnormal accessory needs!  


Meet these crafty ladies at GRUMP at Artisphere on Sunday, December 14! Invite your friends!

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