Kris Loya Art – A Peek Into My Process

Kris Loya Step 5

I paint lots of different things, dogs, fashion, abstracts etc. but my favorite subject by far is flowers! So many colors and shapes and possibilities. I will never run out of flowers to paint.
I usually start by seeing a flower somewhere – like these gorgeous budding peonies in my neighbor’s garden this past spring. Then, like a total creeper, I pull out my trusty iphone and start photographing them. The pictures then become a loose reference for a future painting.Often I’ll obsess about the picture and paint it in my head till I can get back to my studio to work on them.

Kris Loya Inspiration Photo

Some of my favorite tools and supplies are Winsor and Newton watercolors and my Robert Simmons Rigger brush and my beloved Kolinsky brush.

Kris Loya Materials

After looking at the picture and deciding what elements I’d like to incorporate – in this case the budding bloom and the bud, I begin painting. I don’t obsess about the composition too much but I make sure that my focal point falls in a pleasing place.

Kris Loya Step 2

Sometimes I get crazy and put in all my colors at once and let them blend. I think that this creates a much more fun and interactive painting. You only live once right? Carpe Diem!

Kris Loya Step 3

After I get my main blooms in, I make random ‘stripes’ with my rigger brush to suggest stems. I then pull out some leave shapes and suggestions with the belly of my sable brush.

I keep playing till it looks pleasing to me. I make this sound rather simple but I’ve been painting for most of my life and honestly, it just happens. I go into a zone and I come out and there’s a painting. Almost as if I had nothing to do with it. I do feel  kind of elated and exhausted all at the same time. Especially if i’m painting something I’ve been wanting to for a while.

Kris Loya Step 4

Then I put this pretty awesome part of myself into a frame and you can buy it and hang it on your wall. Now you know how it was made:)

Finished Painting of Pink Peonies

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