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Sarah Potter is the maker behind Hooked and Loopy, an ever-expanding collection of adorable crocheted characters perfectly designed to be toys, cuddle buddies, and home decor. We asked her a few questions about her work and process!

Hooked & Loopy Basket
Describe your ideal day of making. What do you have for breakfast? What jams do you listen to? Do you wear fuzzy slippers? 
My twelve year old daughter and I will brainstorm ideas – mongoose? Dolphin? – and then draw a picture of the creature. I’ll find the right color yarn and crochet to match the picture. When it’s done, she either makes a high pitched squeaky noise or I start over.

Who is your maker-inspiration? What did this person say or do to inspire you to create?
My grandmother taught me how to crochet. She also made all of our clothes, made cozies for everything in the house, and instilled in me that the best things in life come from the heart.

What is your favorite market/craft show story? 
I love hearing stories from folks who have taken my creatures home – it’s the only stuffed animal who has a name, it’s the only stuffed animal they HAVE to sleep with, it’s the one thing they brought with them to the hospital when they were sick. It’s no longer just yarn.

Are you working on any special merchandise for/inspired by GRUMP? Tell us about it!
I am making floppy versions of my animals so you can have something substantial and cuddly on a cold December day. I am also stocking up on gnomes.

If you could have lunch with three artists/makers, alive or dead, who would they be and why?
The 100+ year old woman who yarn bombed her town in England, to see how she continues to stay inspired (and protect her wrists).
Frida Kahlo, to make sure she’s ok with me having created a yarn version of her.
My grandmother, to show her that she continues to inspire me.


YARN: creature waiting to be revealed
SNOW: an excuse to crochet
APPLE PIE: dinner
NORTHERN VIRGINIA: underappreciated
YETI: misunderstood
IGLOO: simplicity
GNOME: cheeky
NARWHAL: pointy
WINTER: sweaters
HANDMADE: quality


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