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Erica Wolfe is the purveyor of the delightful and aromatherapeutic bath and body line called Becca & Mars. She meticulously handmakes an incredible variety of lip balms, sugar scrubs, perfumed body sprays, shower gels, and more. With scents like Orange Clove and Lemon Dreamsicle, the Becca & Mars line is created using aromatherapy techniques, so their products not only smell good, but have relaxing and nurturing qualities. Let’s all barrel into winter feeling calm and nutured by shopping at Becca & Mars!


Describe your ideal day of making. What do you have for breakfast? What jams do you listen to? Do you wear fuzzy slippers? Get specific!
Although my studio is in my home, I shower and get dressed before starting. I guess it’s just a habit. Since I work solo, I use my radio to keep me company. I alternate between NPR, sports talk, music, This American Life and The Moth Podcasts.

Who is your maker-inspiration? What did this person say or do to inspire you to create?
My first inspiration is my Grandmother. She used to own her own clothing store. When I was little, I would always work there when visiting; she’d find some odd job for me to do. She definitely gave me the entrepreneurial bug. The second is my daughter. I spent many years working in corporate marketing and quit when she was born. When she started preschool and I had more time, I decided I wanted to do something I really loved and felt passionate about. I’ve always been interested in natural skin care and treating our bodies right – especially after having a child. I began to take classes and study skin care and aromatherapy. After a year of testing and planning, Becca & Mars was born.

What is your favorite market/craft show story? 
Bath and Body is interesting to sell at markets, people are often doing strange things to testers. My best story is when a drunk woman took some of my facial mask tester, reached under her shirt and applied it to her armpit. She then reached into to the tester again and applied it to her other armpit. So, bye bye tester after that one! Plus, it was a facial mask!!!

Are you working on any special merchandise for/inspired by GRUMP? Tell us about it!
I’m making several new pre-packaged Holiday gifts this year. You’ll be able to just stop by my table and pick out something all ready for the giving! I also feature lots of wintery scents to warm you up like ginger, peppermint, clove and more!

If you could have lunch with three artists/makers, alive or dead, who would they be and why?
I am terrible at this question! I always try to really visualize having the dinner conversation. Ok – Robert Kirkman, because I’m obsessed! Phoebe Gloeckner because I like her life view. Grace Bonney for her business advice.


YARN / string
SNOW / flake
NORTHERN VIRGINIA / hopefully always blue
YETI / fuzzy
IGLOO / icy
GNOME / garden
NARWHAL / narwhals swimming in the ocean
WINTER / burrrr
HANDMADE / awesome


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