Glass in the making with Beth Hess

Beth Hess from Wunder Around shared some progress photos of her work. You can see Beth’s amazing work in person at GRUMP on Sunday, December 14th at Artisphere. Thanks for sharing, Beth!

“Each piece of Wunder Around glass begins with a thought about the color, or shape, or texture (or some combination of each) I’d like to create.”


“Then I select and prepare the type of color I’ll use (ground up glass color to create dots or a variegated look to the finished piece or solid glass color for a more even and uniform look—or maybe no color at all).”


“I double check to make sure my tools are in order and get started with a gather of clear glass from the 2,080 degree furnace.”



“From there, it’s all about constantly turning to keep the glass centered on the end of a punty rod or blowpipe, introducing that first bubble of air, applying heat to the portion of the glass I want to move, shaping, adding more air and gathering additional clear glass or adding new color as needed.”





“Once complete, each piece is brought from about 1,000 degrees to room temperature gradually over at least a 12-hour cycle. Only then do I really get to find out how my final color, shape or texture turned out.”


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