Watch Catherinette make a bag!

Lucky for us, Catherinette Leather Works joins us again this year at GRUMP. Katie Stack’s work is well-made and on trend. Why buy a bag at Target, if you can, instead, get a piece that was designed, patterned and created in Katie’s studio, Stitch & Rivet in Northeast Washington, DC? …

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So much to do at GRUMP 2014!

We will have so much to do at GRUMP 2014. Shop from 75 vendors across all of Artisphere (Lower and Upper Townhalls, Ballroom & Terrace Gallery). Make ornaments, splotch monsters and cookies in the Education Lab. Watch the original 1966 cartoon classic, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” in the Dome …

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  • GRUMP Holiday Arts & Crafts Show

    Now in our 6th year, the GRUMP Holiday Arts & Crafts show is the best ever way to shop local this holiday season.